Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tuscaloosa Children's Museum

Found these and had to post... While we were evacuated one day we went into Tuscaloosa and went to the Children's museum. Since we were evacuated they let us in for free! I thought that was soooo nice! Everyone that was there that day was from Louisiana!
The girls had so much fun playing there and it was so nice and clean!

Of course we had to play in the dress up clothes.

Abigail said she was going to her wedding!

They played in the Dr. area FOREVER that day! They loved it and it was sooo cute and hilarious! I am hoping maybe one of them will want to be a Dr. one day!

She was soo cute with the baby!

She would answer the phones...
Took Daddy's weight!
They also filled out paperwork! It was all sooo cute!

They ate sushi -- pretending with Daddy!

They had funny mirrors that Amelia loved!

Driving a tractor like Uncle Will.

Future Scientists?
As you can see the girls loved it there!!!!

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