Friday, October 10, 2008

Fun with Gryffin and Neville

The dogs LOVED the beach! This year because the water would come high up but calmly over the sandbars the dogs were all in the water. The girls LOVED them playing in the water and thought it was hilarios!
I LOVE this first pic!


Michele said...

Looks like the dogs had a great time, too :-)

Stephanie said...

Nikki - where do you guys stay? I am always looking for somewhere the dog can go. I know some people only accept small dogs and mine is big and I know others only accept dogs in the off season. We are interested in planning a vacation for next year. Oh - and I love the pictures! You took so many it's hard to pick my favorites! Thanks again!

NIKKI said...

Hey Steph..
We go to Fort Morgan AL! I'll give you the info next time I see ya!