Friday, October 10, 2008

Go Kart Fun

We always like to go into "town" one day while we are at the beach. This time we decided to go ride Go Karts! They have a huge place that has them, put put, rides, games, and bumper boats.
I rode with Amelia on the bumper boats and Brian rode with Abigail. These boats had a water gun on them where you could shoot water at other people. Brian and Abiail SOAKED us! Of course I didn't get any pics.... Nikons and water don't go well together!!!!
Daddy rode with the girls one at a time on the Go Karts on two different tracks. They LOVED it! They are quite the little dare devils! Thanks Daddy...I loved taking all the pics and it was so much fun to see their HUGE smiling faces and their little waves as they went by!

She needed her daddy's sunglasses.

We also let the girls ride the kiddie rides. They of course loved it!!!

We played a couple holes of put put!

We also went to eat a yummy lunch, but I didn't bring the camera in. Girls I hope you remember the first time you rode Go Karts with your daddy. I know your daddy and I will!


Hope said...

looks like a great trip!! Very cute pics!

Melissa said...

My boys would love the go karts and they have been bugging me to take them to miniature golf! It looks like you had a ton of fun!