Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Beach 2008,,,,,

I never got to posts the fun part of our time at the beach! So now I am finally getting to it! I will be posting more pics than you proably want to look at, but some of you asked for it! :)
We had the BEST trip to the beach this year. (Except for the end of it! READ BELOW if you don't know what I am talking about!)
The girls were amazing and had so much fun. I am amazed every day at the little independent ladies they are becoming! They make me laugh numerous times a day, and keep a smile on my face MOST of the time. :) We are sooo lucky to have two healthy children and I thank god daily. They really are soooo funny talking to each other and to pretty much anyone they meet. THey really don't stop talking..hmmmmm wonder where they get that from.
These pics are from the ferry on the way to the beach. We even saw dolphins on the way over to Fort Morgan.

This is our car.... think we brought enough stuff? We are so far out on the island I hate forgetting anything bc we have to go in 17 miles to get to a walmart! We bring all our food and everything!
Gryffin and Neville came along too! They had the space in front and in between the girls seats!
Ready for a fun trip to the beach!

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