Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ballet Carnival

Two weeks ago the girls had a carnival at ballet. They were soo cute. Now they are in the big kid class where the parents don't come in, but we were invited to come in for the carnival. The week before their teacher had told them about it, so as soon as Brian came home that day they asked him if they would come to his carnival. SO SWEET! How could he resist? So Daddy joined us at the balet carnival! They loved it as usual!

My sweet Amelia...
Julia, Amelia and Rachel (not sure which is which) getting face painting on their hands.

Abigail playing with her gooey sticky prize.

Sweet Abigail.
Amelia playing the ring game.

Abigail getting her face painting done on her hand too!


Making our goody bag with Daddy.

Pin the tail on the donkey.

As you can see they had a blast, and I hardly got any pictures of all the different little activities she had for them! So cute!!


Michele said...

Looks like fun!

Sumer said...

I can not believe how big the girls are getting! I think you need to plan a trip out here again!