Sunday, October 12, 2008

We got our FANCY NANCYS!

The girls had sticker charts that they had to get 30 stickers to earn their Fancy Nancy. They had started getting out of their beds at night or yelling for us in the middle of the night. HAlf the time they couldn't even tell you why! They would go right back to sleep though! Since they have slept almost 10-12 hours a night since they were 12 weeks old we were STRUGGLING with this. I started not being able to go back to sleep once they woke us up, and I wasn't handling no sleep very well! I made them a sticker chart and they had to stay in their bed and not yell for us all night. It worked GREAT and they earned their Fancy Nancy doll while we were at the beach! THANKS BRITTANY for tracking the dolls down for us!!!!

Our Fancy girls.

Daddy getting into the fancy spirit.

Can you tell they love them?

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odomfamilyfun said...

Oh they are too cute with these. I know Caroline is asking Santa for one so hopefully he'll bring her one too ;) We'll have to get together with the girls and all of their Nancy Dolls for a play date tea party.