Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Morning

Saturday night I came down with a VERY bad sinus infection! I didn't sleep at all, and was very sick Easter morning. I still got up with the girls and tried getting some pictures..sorry they aren't the greatest...I was STRUGGLING... soon after I was in Urgicare while everyone was a t church!

What the Easter bunny left.

Abigail checking it all out.

Both of them going through all their stuff!

Abigail was SUPER excited the Easter Bunny brought this for her to wear for her bday party...she just HAD to have it on about FOUR minutes after she saw it.

The Easter bunny hid eggs outside this year on Nana's patio...their was money in each egg!

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Stephanie said...

So cute! Looks like they were very good girls this year :-) I love princess Abigail in the dress.