Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stocktons Streetcar Party

Stockton a good friend of ours little boy had his birthday party on a street car in New Orleans.
It was a VERY neat bday party. We meet at the streetcar barn...rode it all the way down the line and back up. (Alot of it is on St. Charles soooooo BEAUTIFUL!) The weather was GORGEOUS and it was such a fun time!

Amelia taking in the scenery.

Baby Grace (Stocktons sister.)

Stocktons Birthday cake that we at while we were on the streetcar!

The whole Hall family! We love them!

A rare family picture.

Stockton AKA Superman the birthday boy!

Conner Bourg...the girls both adore him!

Caroline one of the triplets that are great friends of ours! Her mom Shelley, Jill and I sew together ALL the time!

Abigail enjoying Pizza.

Amelia sitting in the drivers seat.

William another one of the triplets and Jordan.

Sweet Abigail

Thanks for inviting us Stockton..we had an AWESOME time!!!


Stephanie said...

Looks like fun! All the kids are so cute!

Rie said...

What a GREAT idea! How fun is that? The girls are adorable. I can't believe how big they are getting!

Bridget said...

that's a fun idea!