Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Zoo

During Spring Break we went to the zoo with some of our friends...

Ashton or Owen? Sorry can't see the shoes to tell you which one he is! :)

My girls

Such excitement to go ride the carousel.
Caroline, Abigail, Amelia and William

Her frog that MIGHT turn into a prince!


My forever princess!

My other princess!

Part of the gang...

Posing for a pic...Stockton Mr. Stud muffin with the girls.

Melissa with Grace and Simon .

Shelly with William, Cecilia, Caroline and Ms. Cutie Carly.

Caroline and Abigail.

Amelia, Cecilia, Caroline, and Abigail

Love this!! Suuper Star Caroline

Of on top of the world girl!

My dancing queen!

It was a fun but VERY crowded day!

FYI Spring Break is a CRAZY time to visit the zoo! We didn't see a ton of animals but had a GREAT time hanging out!


odomfamilyfun said...

Looks like such fun! Did you make those dresses? Love them!

NIKKI said...

Thanks. They were a lot of fun that day! Nope those dresses are fromJust Ducky! It's abigails very favorite dress you will see it a ton!

Jennifer Walker said...

You should try Monday, the day after Easter, next year. It was not very crowded at all. I guess it wasn't as crowded, because it's usually closed on Mondays, so maybe people didn't know it was open that Monday.