Monday, April 27, 2009

Fishing at Nana and Pops

We went to Nana and Pops for the rest of Easter weekend. The girls asked to go fishing in Pops pond. He had bought them fishing poles (princess of course!) a while back! So off Daddy and Pops took them to the pond.

I love their reflection in hte pond in this one!

Amelia was the first one to catch a fish. She was SO SO SO SUPER excited!

Click on the picture to blow up...her face is PRICELESS!

Abigail caught the next one and instead of reeling it in...she just kept backing up from the pond...We were dying laughing!

After she got it reeled in she was also SUPER excited!!

Telling him hello and naming him before relasing him back into the pond.

Amelia caught a second one! By then she was a pro!

I think she went to touch it and it started squirming around.
I loved watching them fishing! I used to go with my dad AKA Pops when I was a little girl on our boat. I know Brian is soooo ready to have a boat to go fishing and now I think he has two fishing partners to go with him!!!

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Michele said...

That looks like so much fun! I think all kids love fishing rods, but I can imagine how much the girls loved their princess poles!