Thursday, April 23, 2009


On good Friday we went to the Instagtor Ranch (click HERE to see the website). Brian had planned a suprise day for the girls. Abigail wasn't too sure about them at first but in the end was ok with them. This was funny to us because she LOVES all animals. I guess except alligators up close.

These are out of order..this was at the very end. I was ok until the guy told me now you need to hold onto him VERY tightly!!!

The guide was showing us the flap in the back of their mouth..don't want to stick my fingers in there!

Our crazy guide...he actually goes and steals the eggs out of the nests in the swamps to bring them back to the ranch to hatch them. It's kind of neat...they grow them to four feet and then release way more than would have survived in the wild. Of course...they don't release them all... apparently alligator meat is good??? They have to sell some of it to keep the ranch going.

We got to feed the alligators...apparently they love marshmallows...for easter weekend they got peeps!

Can you see the peep in his mouth? The girls thought this was hilarious!

The smaller ones.

The tiny ones.

This is where Abigail wouldn't even touch the tiny one!!

Amelia loved the little ones!

My sweet Abigail

Posing for me!

This place was REALLY neat. They gave out a TON of information about alligators that went WAY over our girls heads but was neat for us. These alligator hunters are NUTS to go out into the swamps and to deal with these alligators on a daily basis!
We want to go back in August. You get to help hatch the alligators out of the eggs. They need help getting out of the egss so you get to be the momma and help open the eggs in your hands! How cool is that???


steele family said...

peeps, really?! that looks fun :)

NIKKI said...

Yes Peeps! Isn't that funny!!

Michele said...

i think the peeps are funny too.

all of my nieces and nephews have been, but we haven't yet. they all said it was interesting as well