Wednesday, April 15, 2009

St Pattys day at the zoo

On actual St. Pattys day we decided to head to the zoo. Shannon was in town with her kiddos so we all spent the day there! Her mom came with us too! It was alot of fun! We got to see the dinosaur exhibit which was pretty cool, but I didn't get many pictures because Amelia was pretty freaked out by them. Oh my drama queen...gotta love that girl!

Here is our crew....Kendal, Kayden, Abigail and Amelia.

Kendal with her head IN the dinosaurs mouth.

All of them..this was at the front of the zoo.

On the carousel.

My silly face girl!

Love it!

Amelia reading the map.
Kendal's turn with the map....went well don't you think?

Kayden cutie!

Digging for Dinosaur bones!

Love this one!


WE all had a GREAT time at the zoo! Come back again Shannon so we can go again!!!

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Rie said...

Just when I thought your girls couldn't get any cuter!!