Sunday, May 25, 2008


These were taken the other day.... Aren't the shirts adorable? You can get the alligators put on anything... I got them and MANY other things done HERE.
Melissa does the CUTEST things! Check her out..Her appliques are ADORABLE!

Abigail being a bunny with her bunny glasses..too funny!
Super Model Pose

Look we have pockets.

How cute are these buttons. They are pony tail holders you wrap around the bow! Check out
They have TONS of adorable ones!


David & Nicole said...

They are such fashionistas!!
I love the tops, and it helps that the models are adorable!!
Hope to see ya'll soon!

odomfamilyfun said...

cute pics! Did you win on the 'I Love Giveaways' site? I saw that a Nikki from LA won and figured it was you...I sign up for those things all the time and have NEVER I hope it was you so I know actual people win :)
Hope yall are doing well!