Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ducky Joes

I just found a ton of pics that never got put on here, so here sre the first of the lost pics .
We went to Ducky Joes with a ton of our friends a couple of weeks ago. I didn't take a ton of pics we were having too much fun to take a ton that day. I don't have hardly any pics of Amelia bc when I had my camera out she was in the inflatable!

Have I said how much Abigail loves babies? This is Baby Grace and Abigail was sooo smitten with her and was soo excited to be holding her!

How cute is she?

Stockton the big brother had to come show us how awesome of a big brother he is!

Watch out Conner...someone looks like they might be trying to steal your girlfriend!

Abigail as ligning up the people on the leggos table. She LOVES doing this at home with all her princesses.

Abigail playing the drums with Mrs. LaLA.

Amelia and Isabella..aren't they cuties?

Ms. Elise
Elise again dancing with Mrs. Lala
Elise is an awesome big sister to twins... Here is Lila

And this is her brother Bennett
Both of my girls playing together...this is kind of rare when we are in places to play. They usually take off in opposite directions!

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