Saturday, May 10, 2008

Our SPECIAL Big Girl Beds

A little over a year ago I picked out some beds I wanted for the girls out of a pottery barn catalogue. My dad agreed to make them for us! He has been working on them for quite some time and they came out SOOO BEAUTIFUL!
Today Nana, Pop, and Aunt Kelli brought the finshed beds over. Abigail was alittle aprehensive before they got here about her new bed, but once they were in the room she really loved it. They are asleep tonight in them! I almost cried when I saw them in them tonight when we were saying our prayers. They look so grown up in them! WHERE DID MY BABIES GO??
Just FYI there will be more additions to the bedroom over the next couple of weeks and will post them as I finish my projects.

This is the only angle that I could get both beds kind of in the picture together.
Abigail's bed... (the sheets have the princess ballerina toille on it too!)

This makes me think of them as teenagers haning out on their beds together. Let's hope they will want to then!

She was pretending to that not hilarious?

I got this plaque in Canton MS early this week at their HUGE market. My friend Emily and I went and spent the night before in Jackson! We were at the market shopping by 6:45 AM and shopped for EIGHT hours straight!! I can't WAIT to go again!!!!

I also got this CUSTOM made there at the market by a girl who painted it while we were shopping and then we went back and got it! It was one of my favorites from the day!!!

Aunt Kelli gave the girls this tutu bow holder for the girls Bday. Isn't is ADORABLE!!!
Now you didn't think that was ALL the bows we had did you? Here are the rest inside the door of the closet! :)
The beds have trundles that later when the girls get to sleep over age we will put mattresses in them. For now they hold all the girls dress up clothes PERFECTLY!!!
Here are the girls going to bed tonight. They REALLY love their new beds!!! Can you tell by their faces?
Tonight as the girls were getting in bed Abigail said "mommy this is such a special bed!" Yes they are sweetheart, you know have a room where your pop has built everything in it (but your dresser)...your beds, your kitchen set, and your doll house book shelf!
We love them all POP!!!!


Charlotte said...

WOW! That is all I can say! Your dad is so talented. This could be quite a business for him after he retires! Your girls are lucky to have such a wonderful "Pop"! Tell him they are beautiful and that he did a fabulous job! Can't wait to see you all! Love, Charlotte

Catherine said...

unbelievable!! They are so beautiful. What a perfect room for 2 little princesses. I love the tutu bow holder!!!

We normally go to Canton in the fall every year to get ready for Christmas (although I think my mom & sisters are planning on a booth this year, so I'll probably be helping instead of shopping) - Canton is so great - hope to see you there in the fall!!

Happy Mother's Day - have a wonderful day!!

Michele said...

So cute! You, Brian and your dad all did such an amazing job...the girls are so lucky!

Kristin said...

Their berooms are gorgeous! Lucky little girls!

Holly said...

Nikki! The girls room looks brilliant! and no.... I never actually got my message.... but if it was when I was sick, then that would explain it...

Roberts Family Blog said...

I love their room!!! It's absolutely adorable. The beds are amazing. Your dad did a great job!

Melissa said...

wow! your dad is one crafty guy! Those beds are beautiful! I love the room and it looks like the girls do too!

Amanda said...

I love their room and the walls are so cool looking