Sunday, May 25, 2008

How did you do that?

I have had quite a few of you blog hoppers ask how I got my blog list to do that and what is it doing?
Well first let me explain what it is doing...every time someone updates their blogs it moves them to the top and says the last time their blog was updated. This saves me alot of time and I don't miss out on any updates! :)
The only downfall-- I can't put those of you who have private blogs. I have to still have those saved in my favorites on my computer.
Now as how did I do that... (I found out how to do it on another blog)
This is the blogger draft dashboard. It's where they try things out first. Click on layout. Add a gadget, add blogroll and go from there. The thing is you always have to go back to that dashboard to add any new blogs. It was a a little work in the beginning, but now keeps me from clicking on every blog to see if they updated or not.
Have fun blogging!
If anyone wants to be added that isn't --- or wants to be taken off let me know!

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