Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Sunday afternoon we drove straight back from Gulfport to go to Brian's softball game. Amelia had another accident at the game (getting VERY old after 9 months of potty training and it wasn't the liquid kind of accident.) I was a little upset with her so we sat in the car for the rest of Brian's game. I told Amelia to just go sit in her seat and I would buckle her when it was time to leave. I turned around two minutes later and this was her. I must say...... my kids NEVER sleep in the car now. So this was quite funny to me! This was the 2nd day in a row without a nap. They can usually handle one day but the 2nd day gets rough at the end of it!

She still has a leaf in her hand.
Abigail was playing in the front seat and having a sign of being exhausted from her! :)

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