Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Swimming Pictures

More swimming on Memorial Day...after grilling out with Nana, Pop, Aunt Kelli, and Mr. James.
The girls loved having all the extra attention.
THanks Aunt Kelli for swimming with them.

I need to video this..they both dive like this......

Abigail ended up spinning and coming up facing the other direction. They are going to give me a heart attack with their no fear of the water!

Sharing watermelon...yummy with Daddy!
I know she's not supposed to be playing with that. She handed it to us right after the picture, but her face is just tooo cute!

Aunt Kelli was trying to help her float on her back. She wants to do it soooo bad!
Riding the dolphin...which they imediately would flip off of!

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