Saturday, May 17, 2008

Premier Ballerinas

While Kendal was in town she came to ballet class with us. (which is the highlight of EVERY week for us!) The girls were all so excited to be there together and were so cute!

The girls...Lilly, Amelia, Abigail, and Kendal

Sticker cute is that?

Amelia the fairy princess!
Parachute time.

Can we say adorable?

Amelia and Kendal doing leaps with Ms. Misty.

TUTU cute!

Shake it Kendal!
THanks for coming with us Kendal! We had a GREAT time with you in ballet class!


steele family said...

The girls in their tutus are way too cute!

I love the ballet shoes picture, so sweet.

trisha said...

i cannot WAIT to have these kinds of shots with charlotte!!