Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Isabella and Amelia

Our sweet friends the Myers have a twin girls that had their 2nd bday a couple of weekends ago. The girls are absolutely precious and had a wet fun birhtday party. Check out her blog to see some more fun pics from the party.
We started out by swimming in the pool. It started to rain so we dried off ate some cake and then the rain stopped so we went to the front yard to play on an awesome water slide!
The girls had sooo much fun !

Click on the pics to check out their faces! This is Abigail.
Future swimmer on the blocks?

Reid. Kendall and Reid are also twins. We are all friends throught the moms of multiples group. The Ferrante triplets were there, but I didn't manage to get any pics.

My swimming buritos.

The birthday girls Amelia and Isabella, Brad and Hope.
Thanks Hope for inviting us! The girls are still talking about the water slide! :)
Happy birthday Isabella and Amelia! Bring on the twos!!!

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