Thursday, June 26, 2008

Princess Ballet....Aurora AKA Sleeping Beauty

Last week at Princess Ballet the girls were Aurora  AKA sleeping beauty. The girls had sooo much fun!!!
It was sooo cute!
They danced to one of the songs and every time the music stopped they had to go to sleep! They were hilarious!Check out her face!
Check out all those Sleeping  Beauties!

She does roll call every week and they have to go to the middle of the room with the wand and do a beautiful curtsey!  Can I tell you how precious each little girl is going up there!

Lilly Kate is in class with us too!

I love my little princesses!


Bridget said...

How cute are they! That's such a great idea! Princess ballet! lol. too cute!

Melissa said...

How cute! That looks like a great class!