Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Soccer Tots

Ok let me first start by saying these are NOT good pictures...I am embarassed to put them on here, but this is what I have. We sit far away and the lighting is TERRIBLE. I'll try next time with my external flash (it was dead the last two weeks, and I need to remember to bring batteries!)
MeMe and Paw Paw gave the girls Soccer Tots classes for their birthday. We have been a couple times now and the girls LOVE it!!!! EVERY kid in the class is from our play group. Shelley (the triplets mom) called and asked if we could have our own class. He said well you have to have at least 8 to fill a class! She started laughing and told him well mine and one of my friends makes FIVE! He said "WHAT??" So we had no problem getting some more of our play group friends to join the class!!! It's soo much fun!
The first day the coach did say "Well you can definitely tell they all know each other VERY well".....umm not sure if that was a good thing!

Sweet Elise
Ellie hanging out with the moms.

Run Abigail Run!
Tippy toe Amelia

Abigail and William
Red light green light...
Lilly, Amelia, and Caroline.
kicking down cones.

Yep not one pic with a soccer ball :) they do tons of different fun drills. They do kick the balls too! I'll post last weeks pics soon too. They aren't real great quality eaither though, but you get the idea!

Thanks Me Me and Paw Paw the girls LOVE soccer!!


Jill said...

Don't feel bad... the pictures you got are a ton better than the ones I got!

Bridget said...

That looks like a great way to burn their energy! That's what we need right now!