Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Worlds Best Dad

That would be my husband Brian !!! I am sorry this is a couple days late, but I had to share some pics of Fathers day around here. Brian wanted to have a real low key day, so that is what we did. He wanted Beignets for breakfast......

Is she a silly goose or what?

Sweet Amelia

We gave Brian a few different items for fathers day and I didn't get pictures of them all, but he got a couple different things for his grill.

The girls made these at school and it was wrapped and the girls told him that he couldn't open it up until fathers day! How cute is it?

Brian wanted crawfish for lunch....which the girls absolutely LOVE!

Brian teaching the girls how to peel the crawfish themselves.

We also gave Brian this big umbrellla.

We then finished off the day with a splash in the pool.

Brian you ARE The wrolds best dad! You are such an amazing father, husband and friend!
Hope you all had a wonderful fathers day!!!
A special Happy Fathers day to our dads Pop and Paw Paw!

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Potins said...

Happy Father's Day to Brian! Looks like you all had a fun day :) It's nice to let the hubbies at least have ONE day to do what they want- ha! Hey, our photographer was Lee Cave - he works with C Studio. We know them personally through church. He does a fabulous job - his website is guess it's hard when YOU are the actual photographer to get family photos, huh?! Take care!