Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Mulberry Cottage

While we were in Natchez.... (I know I am still posting the pics, but want to get them all on here. I will be posting twice a day for the next couple of days to catch up on all our fun events!)
We spent one afternoon after naptime playing on our cute porch. The girls played with the bubbles aunt Charlotte had gotten them.
Also the girls got a Fancy Nancy doll (well one that looks like her) while we were shopping in downtown Natchez. We have been reading all the Fancy Nancy books lately and the girls LOVE her. She uses Fancy words and dresses fancy. It's a GREAT alternate to the princesses. (I am a little princessed out right now,so it's nice to hear them talk about someone else too!) It increases the girls vocabulary and their are quite a few of the books. They LOVE their new dolls and they go quite a few places with us now.

Dancing with our Fancy Nancy's!

Thanks Aunt Char for the princess bubbles!


A rare pic of mom with her girls.

Another awwww

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David & Nicole said...

Those are some GREAT pics! The ones of ya'll with the girls are great!!
We had fun Saturday night!
See you soon!