Thursday, June 12, 2008

Last day of Swimming Lessons

This is the girls last day of swimming lesson pics. The girls did soooo great this year. She had them jumping off the side turning around and swimming back to the side and pulling up. She taught them if they fell in the pool to swim to the side. She also taught them to swim underwater (and starting the breast stroke) until they would get tired and then she would have them float to catch their breath and rest then flip back over and swim again. They both learned to come up for air too! She also taught them to go to the bottom and pick up pool sticks. It was so amazing to watch them. I will put some more video on here soon of them swimming! In a couple of years...Swim team here we come! They love it sooo much!

Getting ready to go in.

Amelia coming up for a breath.

Amelia getting the rocket at the bottom of the pool.

Click on these pictures to see their faces in all these jumping pics...priceless!!!

This was their faces pretty much the whole time. Can you tell they loved it??

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