Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Princess Ballet

The second week we went to princess ballet the princess of the week is tinkerbell.
Amelia didn't get to join us...lets say potty training crisis. Amelia let's just say is having a little bit of a power struggle with us and we WILL win. Amelia got to stay home with a babysitter.
Let's move on....
Abigail loved being tinkerbell and honestly loved more than anything having one on one time with just me! Brian and I decided we need to split them and take one each and go do special things with them more often!

Check out that hand on her hip...

A big curtsey for roll call! SO cute!

She was showing me what ballerinas do with the bar.
Hopefully Amelia will make it to the rest of the classes...
Abigail you made a BEAUTIFUL tinkerbell!

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