Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Here is Abigail testing the sugar. Check out Amelia's face.

Check out the red sugar on Abigail's face!

We then put the cookies in the oven. They were hilarious wating for them to cook! Abigail kept saying "Hi Cookies!"

Neville was waiting to see if anyone would drop anything.

Gryffin was too!


Abigail with a mouth full of warm cookie!

Brian would say this is completely my daughter. I always love to prop my feet...not on the table, but obviously Abigail did!

Later that night we put the cookies out for Santa on the fireplace mantle. I'll post the rest of the story later. Santa did have two little helpers though :) Can you guess who?


Anonymous said...

Neville and Griffin!!!!!

~ Michele

Danielle said...

The foot propped up is hilarious.

Hanna said...

Oh...I can't wait to be able to do this with Hayden. Good Times! They are just beautiful Nikki!