Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A Day at the park

We've been back to Coop Drive to the Kids Connection Park a couple of times. The girls LOVE IT!!!!! Here are some pics of the other afternoon.

Amelia playing the drums.Playing the drums together.
We went behind the park to see the mini light park and here is Abigail giving the gingerbread man a hug!!! She is such a sweetie!
Here is the Mom's of Multiple's tree.(One of my favorite groups!! Love all you twin and triplet moms!!) The girls painted ornaments to go on it.
Playing in Santa's sleigh again!

They still love to swing!!

Anyone up to go to the park soon?? Give me a call...we will meet you there! :)


Chrissy Maestri said...

I can't wait to go check out this park as soon as the rain goes away!!! We had planned to go tomorrow, but, looks like we got rained out. :(

The Hedrick Family said...

Those are really sweet pictures.

Danielle said...

That looks like so much fun!

steele family said...

Your girls are so cute, I love the gingerbread man hug!