Friday, December 22, 2006

Play group

This was last weeks play group. It was a ton of fun!!!

These are the girls two boyfriends. Abgial ADORES Conner and Amelia ADORES Dominic!!!
My girls are such FLIRTS!!!!!! We are in MAJOR trouble for the teen age years!!

Cutie Amelia

Abigail watching her crush Conner

A shot of quite a few of the kiddos at once!

Conner....glad you came to play group...have your mom bring you every week!! :)

Isn't he a cutie??


Danielle said...

The girls with their boyfriends is too, too funny! Daddy better get ready!

Stacy said...

I love the girls' Christmas dresses, TOO CUTE!!

The Hedrick Family said...

That pic of the girls with their boyfriends is great. They made good choices.

steele family said...

Isn't it scary how young they can start flirting! That is so cute that you caught a picture of them all together.