Friday, December 29, 2006

Snow in Louisiana

We have snow here too Shannon........Not the kind you have :)We have the fake kind.... They did have snow in City park the Sat. before christmas. We decided to join in the CRAZY festivities. It was fun, but the snow machine (I think it's a big sno cone machine :) broke after doing 20 tons. They usually do 80 tons. SOOO it was like being at a parade. Everyone on top of each other. All sliding around on one big piece of ice!

Abigail wasn't too sure of the snow.

Here it looks like they were discussing if they should touch it or not like the other kids.

They FINALLY touched it.

Amelia loved watching all the other kids.

Abigial giving daddy snow!

Amelia still watching all the other kids.

Abigail had just fallen right before this picture. Right after she got pegged in the head with a snow ball. That was the end of the fun in the snow. We will definitely go again next year with all the other crazy parents!


Kirk & Matt said...


I'm so glad you are taking advantage of all the city has to offer. It needs our support! The girls are precious (duh!) and look like that had a blast in the snow. I'm heading to Denham Springs in Feb. and will set up a photo shoot with you when we get the dates.

The Hedrick Family said...

Looks like so much fun.

Jill said...

Poor, Abigail!! It looks like ya'll had fun until she got pegged in the head by a snow ball.