Monday, March 10, 2008

Birthday Season

Brian and I call this time of year Birthday season. We have a TON of birhtday parties for the next couple of months. I absolutely LOVE going to all the birhtday parties. The girls love it and its so much fun to me to see all my friends kiddos.
Luke just turned two and his party kicked off Birthday party season.

The Birthday boy Luke
How cute is that? The cones were cups!!!

Paul pushing Ty, Amelia, and Nicholas.
Daddy in a hat Abigail gave him to wear.

Michelle and Chase were jumping in the fun of playing with the hats too.

Abigail catching bubbles.

Amelia playing in the balls.

Both of my monkeys in the balls.

Abigail the princess with her prince Conner.

Already the two of them playing house.

They had a sand art project that the girls had fun doing.

Many more party pics to come.

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Michele said...

Hey, what happened to your apron pic? :-)