Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The reception part I

The girls were ready to go to the "party" after the wedding. They had fun dancing with daddy and some other men before heading out with Nana and Pop.

Beth and Aub's first dance.Abigail eating with Pop.

I LOVE this one! She is such a daddy's girl. Dancing with Daddy on the dance floor.

Amelia dancing with Robert.Amelia dancing with Brad.

I LOVE this one too!!!!! My girls sure do love their daddy.

How awesome do Beth and Aubrey look together?


Michele said...

All of those pics are so great! I love the one of the girls walking down the aisle...Amelia and Abigail crack me up! Certainly not afraid of being the center of attention, huh? So cute!

Catherine said...

Hey - I think something is wrong with your email. I've tried to send two emails to you this morning (replied to your email) and they are being returned to me.

Sumer said...

The girls look so precious and so does your other hunny!