Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Flip

My parents gave us money at Christmas to get avideo camera. We have one, but it's the one with the tapes...real pain when you want to even think about putting it on the blog. Anyway I wanted something digital and something compact and easy to use. We had seen the little camera called The Flip. It has it's own internal hard after you record you flip out the USB port on the side that plugs straight into your computer. Then our blooging friends The Odoms got one and loved it. That's all it took. I went and bought it the next day. Check it out. It's soooo small it could fit in my pocket. GREAT for diaper bags and purses!!! Get ready folks to see even MORE of my that possible?
Check out The Flip HERE. The price is unbelievable!!!
Thanks Nana and Pop...more videos coming your way!


Bickers Family said...

your girls are so sweet! i have my daughter in ballet/tap and she just stands there... maybe in a few months she will get the hang of it!

Thanks for the info on the flip! My husband and I are looking for a new one. How long of a video will it take? Is this something you can have for say weddings? or will it only take short video clips at a time?

Melissa said...

it looks cool! Does it zoom?

NIKKI said...

It will take 60 minutes before you have to dump it onto your computer.

It does zoom, but it's not an amazing zoom. I'll put on a video soon Melissa that was from further away so you can see it.