Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Party #2

The second party we went to was on the same day. It was for our twin friends Kendal and Reid. They are so precious and the girls love them. I didn't get very many pics bc the kids were to busy climbing up in this HUGE plaything that was like a playland at Chikfilet but on a MUCH larger scale.

Reid blowing out his candles.
Kendal blowing out her candles.

Abigail jumping on a mini trampoline.
Sandra (the mom of the twins) and Kendal in the pit.
Daddy swinging Amelia into the pit...check out that smile!!!
Coming down the HUGE slide (It was the biggest slide I've ever seen -- REALLY!)
Abigail coming down-- check out that hair..she had some fun up there!!

Happy Birthday Kendal and Reid!!

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