Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The wedding

I only took a few pics during the wedding bc then I had to keep the girls occupied and quiet.....

My handsome Hubby,.
Aubrey, Ernie, and Brian.
If you can click on these pics to make them larger...they are hilarious! Abigail is leading the pack... Sofie crying her eyes out and Amelia with her boquet over her shoulder just smiling at everyone taking her time walking down the aisle!
The girls REALLY thought this church was their castle. It is an amazingly beautiful and ornate church so it could really pass as their castle :) They were soooo funny about being a princess! Amelia kept saying during the wedding (she was whispering it) " I think they are going to make it to the castle and fall in love" Abigail kept calling the priest the King (yes we do go to church..they were in TOTAL princess mode!) They were so quiet and sweet the whole service. They were so into watching them get married and fall in love! Yes I think they might have watched one too many disney princess movies......But what little girl doesn't want to be a princess?


Rocky Mountain Fighting Tigers said...

Amazing pictures. It looks like a beautiful wedding. Hilarious of Amelia crying over being ready to go@!

Melissa said...

All of the wedding pictures are so beautiful! Your hubby looks so handsome in a tux!