Monday, March 31, 2008

Emerson's Bday Party

Emerson had her birthday party the Sat before Easter at one of the girls favorite Places. Lil's Country Critters. The weather was AMAZING! Everyone had a great time!
The pics are kind of backwards in order of time.....

Close to the end of the party Scott (Emerson's dad) was getting the kids to race! Amelia kept falling behind so he just scooped her up.
Amelia snuck off to check out the barn.

Addison (Emerson's sister) after eating cake! She REALLY liked it!

The adorable Birthday girl Emerson...She had a Bendi (Steve Irwins daughter) the jungle girl birhtday party and even had her hair krimped like her!

Great Auction shot!

Looking for the animals!

We went on a hayride.

How cute is that face?
Have a coke and a smile? No Abigail was NOT drinking coke!

Heather and Scott the parents of the birthday girl!

They of course loved feeding the animals!
Check out the goat trying to eat her bow!
Addison and her best Friend!

We had a GREAT day! We hope you had a WONDERFUL Birhtday Emerson!


Heather said...

Yay!! You got the best pictures! I'm so happy you were able to come - glad the girls had fun. :)

Rocky Mountain Fighting Tigers said...

It looks like fun. Greataction pics!

Rie said...

Those dresses you made for the girls are adorable! In fact, all their clothes are adorable. I look forward to seeing what they are wearing each time you post something. I can't wait to dress Gracie up in such cute things! Oh, I will also have to invest in a tutu!!
Love to you all!