Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good Friday

On Good Friday we headed to the zoo.... along with ALL of the northshore and the city. It was PACKED!!! We ended up having alot of fun and the girls are really starting to get to know their way around the zoo. Their favorites are still the goats! :)

Yes that would be my daughter sitting on the ground surrounded by goat pooh in a smocked dress!
Amelia was walking around hugging the goats. It was toooooo funny!

Love this side profile of her.
Abigail on her frog! She was determined to ride the frog!

Amelia the princess wanted her horse!

Kissing the alligator goodbye!

The sealions are back and the girls had so much fun laughing at them!

YOu can watch the sealions from below too!


odomfamilyfun said...

We missed the petting zoo---our kids were screaming, but we would have been in smocked in goat pooh, too. I think our 4 kids were the only ones in smocked all day long--I bet we have the cutest pictures though :)
Looks like yall had more fun than we did--maybe next time we head to the NOLA Zoo, we won't be so sick

David & Nicole said...

Adorable! They are liked trained models...I guess they are pretty used to having their picture taken!
We need to get the girls together to play soon.
Have a good day!