Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Zoo Part 1

Last week one of my best friends from college Alicia was in town. So we met up at the zoo. Her son is my godchild so it was so much fun to spend the day with them!
I have sooo many great pics from the day...here is the first group of them

I LOVE this pic. Abigail looks like she is up to something (which is how she usually looks!)
Brady my godson on the carousel.

Deep in thought on the train.
They were saying cheese.

Sucker break.

She thought she was soooo big climbing on these.
Abigail's favorite part of the day was the petting zoo.
The girls were pushing each other on the playground so I just said both of you time out. I didn't tell them where..they just both headed to this tree and sat down with their backs to me. TOOOO FUNNY!
If you know me well you know that I am rather strict with my kids and am not afraid to put them in time out ANYWHERE!!! I will have to list a post one day of all the crazy places I have put them in time out.


odomfamilyfun said...

I am laughing out loud at them sitting at the tree! That is so something Caroline would do but it is funnier with two kids doing it! They are cute in their 'anchor' shirts---DG's in training??? :)

NIKKI said...

Yes hopefully DG's in training...you know just suttle hints here and there and hopefully it will be engraned in their brains! :) Brian tells me to give up..they will both go something different to spite me!

Bickers Family said...

lol that last picture is so funny!

Bridget said...

ok! Where do you get their bows? I know you posted about this once before but I'm too lazy to search. ;)

oh, maybe they will go Pi Phi??? hmmm? I bring Libby to our alum stuff... she probably will end up at a college without sororities. watch. oh well.

NIKKI said...

There is a girl here who makes them. I also buy ALOT of them on Ebay. You can find some GREAT deals on them on ebay! I also get some from a market that we have here on Saturdays.

steele family said...

that is too cute! i love their shirts.

Michele said...

The "time out tree" pic is really hilarious!