Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Abigail at Bippity Boppity Botique

Abigail was MUCH more quiet and shy about the Bippity Boppity Botique, but will also tell you that this was one of her FAVORITE things she did in Disney World. She TRULY loved being turned into a princess!

Getting started...

So serious about all this princess stuff!

She LOVED that they painted her nails and put on her makeup...this is something she ALWAYS wants to do is put on my makeup, and loves when Aunt Kelli or I paint their nails.

Check out that hand!

Soooo cute!


Now she's a princess!

Checking herself out in the mirror!!! Love that you can see Daddy and Amelia in this picture. It REALLY was one of the highlights of Disney. If you have a little girl into princesses and are going it is a MUST to do in the castle!!! It was worth EVERY penny!

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