Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Three...Chef Mickey...

On the third day we started out with Chef Mickey. We got there early and had to wait so we went and played in the store that is in the hotel.

Abigail LOVED this and was ready to bring it home, but she didn't quite have enough Disney Dollars!

Posing like the princesses taught her to do!

Waiting with Daddy!

My minnie!

Abigail and her Daddy!

We hadn't met any of the "characters" before this meal. Only the princesses. They were SOOOO excited to meet Mickey and all his friends. I was REALLY suprised how much they loved seeing them! This smile tells it all!

Laughing at goofy!

I LOVE Abigail's face in this one.

ALL smiles!

YUMMY breakfast!

Check out Amelia's face!

Oh I want to frame this picture. I can't remember what secret she was telling, but I just love this picture of her!

Being silly with Pluto!


The whole family with Minnie....
Chef Mickey was fun and the food was good. If you make reservations make them EARLY for this one! It's one of the hardest to get into!


Bridget said...

I'm loving all of the dresses!!!! cute!

Catherine said...

These are my favorite pictures so so cute!!