Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May all your Dreams Come True

The girls each had a wand and a star that they had to wave the wand in the air. Then wave their wand over their star...close their eyes...make a wish and all their dreams would come true. When they opened their eyes there were sparkles twinkling every where on the castle walls and ceiling.
It was super cute! They REALLY got into this and loved the magic of it....

Soon after this picture Abigail fell off of her chair. Jasmine imediately scooped her up and asked her if she had been flying on magic carpets and jumping off of them! Abigail started laughing and she asked are you sure you haven't been riding on magic carpets?

Making a wish.

Watching their dreams come true!

My cinderella...did I mention that Cinderella is MY favorite princess!

My other Cinderella!

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