Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Riding the rides

After eating breakfast we were in fantasyland VERY early (9:05) so we rode all the rides we could possibly ride as quickly as possible! We rode a ton that morning a couple quite a few times in a row! Nana and pop REALLY wanted to see pictures of them on the rides.

I think this was on it's a small world!

This is on Buzz Lightyear! Abigail kept spinnning whoever was riding with her round and round. She could care less about shooting the targets but loved spinning us around. Check out Brians face...he was SERIOUS about shooting the targets.

Love these with Amelia and Daddy!

This one was from It's a Small World the first time we rode it... Amelia was in love the very first time she rode it!

It's a small world.

This was the one and only time Amelia rode Peter Pan's flight. She was scared to death. Abigail on the other hand loved it and wanted to ride it more the next time we were in Magic Kingdom. Abigail and I rode it two more times!

Winnie the Pooh ride.... they both loved this one!

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