Thursday, May 14, 2009


I have been planning a trip to Disney World for the girls since before they were one. Brian and I decided to keep it a complete suprise for their fourth bday! They knew NOTHING the entire week we were there. It added to it being a VERY magical trip! Every day they would ask what we were doing and our answer was's a suprise!!! There are SOO many things that brought me to tears the entire week. There are many times that our lives do not revolve around the girls...they just fit into our lives. This trip was COMPLETELY revolved around them! There will be a million pics and you might get tire of looking and reading but I want these memories here for the girls to look back on one day! It is definitely a trip of a lifetime

for me to remember!

We went to Tampa for a few days to see my dear friend Charlotte, who ended up having to leave to go see her sweet Daddy who got put in ICU. He since has passed away. I will miss daddy Denton, and I am praying for all of you every day Char!

We then left there and told them that we were going somewhere that was a we were driving in the gates we told them! They were screaming and I was crying!!!!!

We went straight to the Magic Kingdom..

This is us waiting for Brian to get the tickets at Will Call.

On the monrail for the first time.

The first character we saw the Fairy God Mother!! HOW FITING FOR MY GIRLS!!!!! She made a HUGE deal about their outfits having a carraige on them! They loved her!

My prissy princess.
Amelia deciding where to go next!

One of the first rides we rode on was Dumbo.... we only stood in the line once but they loved it!

Daddy and Amelia

Abigail up in the air...riding with me...LOVE the castle behind her!!!

Onto the tea cups... Abigail LOVED this ride...Amelia would want to go slower...Abigail wanted to spin faster!

Does this smile say it all??

In line at Amelia's FAVORITE ride of the entire week.... It's a Small World!

In Minnie Mouses house!

Sewing like mommy ....


Riding on the the very front!!! They loved this! We were heading back to go check into our hotel. The Beach Club Villas.

I think my favorite moment of this entire day was when the girls saw the castle for the first time. That was a moment that completely brought tears to my eyes. I have a ton of family pictures that will be coming soon on a cd from Disney's photo pass. Those will have to be posted later! For now get ready for MANY updates!


christy said...

so cute!!! i know they were sooo excited! as a side note, the fairy godmother must get really hot underneath all that fabric:)

odomfamilyfun said...

love these sweet pics! can't wait to see more---makes me want to go back, soon!!!