Monday, May 18, 2009

Cinderella's Royal Table

As we waited outside in line to go into the castle the girls were VERY excited. I had Cinderella costumes waiting in my backpack. This ended up not necessarily the GREATEST idea I had. Apparently Amelia (who doesn't stay in dress up clothes very long at our house especially costumes) doesn't like dress up costumes bc they are too itchy.....

Abigail was THRILLED!

Amelia not so much!!!! We took pictures with Cinderella...I need to scan that picture... it came with our package. Then we were on our way up the beautiful stairs!

Abigail was sooooo excited and loving the stairs!

After we were seated Snow White came by first....

We decided Amelia just was not going to tolerate the costume so after a quick change in the middle of the dining room she was MUCH happier!

Next Amelias favorite princess came by.... She was in tears she was sooo excited to be talking to her favorite princess ever!! Sleeping Beauty was sooo nice to her!

Amelia was just sooo excited to be standing with her! Abigail was quite smitten with all of these princesses!!

She was in heaven!!!

Look at how bashful!

This one will be framed!!!!!

Jasmine came by...ABigail LOVED all of her jewels! She was in major AWE of Jasmine!

Abigail's face cracked me up in this picture!

Abigail's favorite Belle.... she was sooo shy she could barely talk to her! It was sooo funny ! It was like meeting a famous person and becoming speechless!

It was definitely one of the highlights of the trip!!!!! The royal table is pricey and doesn't have the greatest food in the world (we were told by NUMEROUS) people to pass on it...but I have to say it was SOOO worth the girls reactions and how much they loved being IN the castle!!!! I must say I loved it too!!!!!!!!!!!


Bridget said...

Oh my! I think Libby would explode! Looks like a fabulous part of the trip! Every little girl's dream!

christy said...

those are priceless!! love their expressions. who cares if the food is good, you're there for the scenery. i can't wait until mary frances is big enough to go. LOVE IT!!!