Sunday, May 24, 2009


Our first full day at Disney ended in a dinner that ended up being one of mine and Brian's Favorite the whole time we were there. I didn't bring my large camera that night ..I just had my little one. I only took a few pictures but wanted to share because we loved this meal so much. It was in the Grand Floridian and was called Citricos. SOO YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!

FYI...for those of you reading this to get tips on your trip...I wish someone had told us this IF you book meals at another hotel than the one you are staying at you have two choices on how to get there. 1. drive your own car if you have it. 2. you have to take a bus to a park (magic kingdom etc.) then take another bus to that hotel. SUPER pain in the rear... SO if you aren't going to have a car..don't book many meals in other hotels. By the end of the day transportation is exhausting as it is, and then have to take 4 buses for a meal would have done me in!!! We were lucky enough to have our own car, so it wasn't an issue! We had NO idea that the buses didn't run from hotel to hotel! We ate at some AMAZING restuarants at different hotels (which was also fun to see other hotels) but would have been a real pain if we couldn't have driven!

The girls got to make their own sundaes...umm they LOVED that!

Daddy on "his" car!

The girls in their Carriage.

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