Saturday, May 23, 2009

Metting the Princesses

After Bippity Boppity Botique...we went to the meet and greet with the princesses in Toon Town. (You stand in line and then they let about 5 families in this room with three princesses.) Because the girls were all dolled up the princesses talked to each of them forever! Belle talked to Abigail for at least 5 minutes and Aurora talked to Amelia that long too. They were soooo nice to the girls and actually got to spend some time with them other than just posing to take a picture like at most of the meals.

Talking to Cinderella.

My favorite...Cinderella.

Abigail was spinning with Belle!!!! SOO ADORABLE!

Teaching her the princess pose..

Abigail was ready to POP she was so excited!


Her kiss from Belle!

Amelia with her favorite!

If you go this is a GREAT place to actually spend a little more time with the princesses...if you are doing bippity boppity's a MUST afterwards. They talked to our girls ALOT longer than the people in front of us and behind us!

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