Friday, May 01, 2009

St. Patty's Day

Sorry just now posting these... I just uploaded all the pics from my "little" camera. It works pretty well! We had ALOT of fun playing with it on St. Pattys day! We decided to spend the weekend in New Orleans without kiddos (they went to Nana and Pops..THANKS SOO MUCH!) and we HOPE to make it a tradition! We went out to eat the night before and were already down town which made that morning MUCH less stressful. Also without the kids was ALOT of fun for the ADULTS (who were probably acting like kids! :)
For those of you who don't know...Brian has been doing this parade since he was 15!!! This is a HUGE family affair...All the Spreen boys do it! They march and carry canes of flowers to hand out to women for kisses. Don't worry he SAYS he only gets kisses from old ladies and little kids! :) hmmmm... not so sure about that!

Self portrait of when Brian got to the end where we were standing.


Liz and Ernie

Liz and Lori

Beth and Aubrey

Aubrey and Brian

Beth and I.

Ms. Pat (MeMe) Mr. Ernie (Paw Paw) and Aunt Carol

The three Spreen boys...After some umm adult beverages...they ALL have problems keeping their eyes all the way open!

Party at Petes

Me telling Ernie to open his eyes bc every time I tried taking a pics his eyes looked closed!

My two AWESOME sister in laws Beth and Liz.

After they cleaned up we went out.... Brian and Aub
It rained this year, so hopefully next year will be nice and sunny!!!

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